Municipal Financing

Brentwood Capital Solutions offers a wide array of financing options for state and local municipalities. We help you get equipment today and structure a budget-friendly, flexible payment plan.
+ Term/Payment Options To Best Meet Your Customer’s Needs
+ A Municipal Lease Is Not Considered Debt
+ Arrears Payment Structures Available Up To 1 Year
+ Allow Your Customer To Complete Their Entire Project NOW vs Phases With The Same Annual Budget
+ Allows your Customer To Use Their Capital Budgeting For Other Needs

Commercial Financing

Brentwood Capital Solutions specializes in finding the right financing solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Our flexible solutions are custom tailored to fit almost any budget.

Brad Ford

Founder / Leasing Specialist

Brad Ford founded Brentwood Capital Solutions as an equipment leasing brokerage in 2005 for the specific purpose of providing affordable financing for HOA’s needing street lighting in newly developed neighborhoods all around the greater Indianapolis area.