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Who Qualifies?

  • Any State Or Local Organization
  • Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Counties)
  • Public Safety
  • K-12 School Systems
  • Universities
  • Hospitals


  • A Municipal Lease is NOT considered debt!
    Classified as an “Annual Appropriation of Funds” in the Operating Budget.
    Off Balance Sheet Financing.
  • Term/Payment Options to best meet your Customer’s needs
    Up to 20 Years on select equipment.
    Annual/Semi-Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Payment Options.
  • Arrears Payment Structures Available up to 1 Year
    Allows your Customer to get needed equipment NOW with next year’s budget dollars.
    Allows your Customer to realize up to 1 Year of Energy Cost savings on Energy Efficient Projects, creating a positive cash flow from Day 1.
  • Allows your Customer to complete their entire project NOW vs phases with the same annual budget
  • Allows your Customer to use their Capital Budgeting for other needs
    Example – Customer is considering the benefits of a Parking Lot LED Lighting Upgrade vs a much needed HVAC System Upgrade at a similar cost.
    Solution – Why choose one or the other when you can do both?  Use the Capital Budget to upgrade the HVAC System while allowing the Parking Lot LED Lighting Upgrade to pay for itself in the Operating Budget!


Who Qualifies?

  • Small to Medium Size Private Businesses


  • Allows your Customer to save their Lines of Credit for other needs.
  • Term/Payment options available.
  • We can structure cash flow positive payment structures for your Customer’s Energy Efficiency projects.
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    Streamlined Pre-Approval

    No-Obligation Pre-Approvals with a 1-Page Application and 3 Months’ Bank Statements.

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    Customized Quote

    Due to many variables in Commercial Financing (Credit Rating, Time in Business, Debt/Equity, etc) please CONTACT US for a customized quote.